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We cover the core areas of the 21st Century Individuals:

  • Creating the Ultimate Thinker for the 21st Century
    Motivational and inspirational talk.
    Perfect for a keynote presentation as it is inspirational and provides a broad view of how things are changing in the world around us for the 21st Century world.
    We raise awareness of the multiple changes we are facing in the age of the intelligence and follow with a presentation about the core areas needed to create: The Ultimate Thinker for the 21st Century.
    • Awareness
    • The Thinking Process
    • Ethics and Values
    • Flexpertise
    • Empathy
    • Global Mindset
    • Teamwork
    This conference can be followed by an individual or an in depth extension of the conference on each of the areas discussed in order the deepen the understanding and use of the strategies to help students, teachers or employees understand its importance and how to foster each area.
    Creating a Culture of Learning for the 21st Century

    The world is facing very important and dramatic changes. Our education system was set over a hundred years ago and that scenario has changed. Our children need new competitive skills. The question is how do we get there? And, although it sounds complicated, the answer requires just a change in minds! Education first Inc is aware of this need and understands that the change has to start with early childhood. This change requires team work and cannot be accomplished alone. There is a need to creation of a culture of learning within schools. 
    During this session presenters will share their 5 years experience implementing this philosophy for the last 5 years and in changing administrators, teachers and parents’ believes to create a culture of learning to benefit children from four preschools with 61 staff members.
    You will clearly see the process involved, the strategies used, the implementation of new approaches to teaching and the reflections from an administrator, a director, a teacher and a parent’s point of view.

    Powerful presentation to start Creating a Culture of Learning in your school!
  • The Thinking Process
      • Making Thinking Visible and Visible Thinking Approach
      • Habits of Mind
      • Thinking Routines
      • Concept Maps
      • Language of Thinking
      • Parallel Thinking - Six Thinking Hats 
      • Thinking in the Early childhood years
  • Problem solving dynamics and Conflict Resolution
    • TOCFE Theory of Constraint For Education

    What is toc and Why Use It?
    • In the 21st Century we need to stop discussing the problems and instead be part of the solutions. With TOC techniques, children learn to acknowledge the power of cause and effect thereby gaining accord among peers and defining what the problems are in order to be able to solve them.
    • We take a look at what characterizes TOCFE based on the findings of national and international research. We will identify the possible gains that can be made with the use of TOC techniques and introduce you to some of the practical strategies used in the approach.
    • We will focus on how this technique covers all of UK’s personal, learning and thinking skills (PLTS) framework:
      • independent enquirers
      • creative thinkers
      • reflective learners
      • team workers
      • self-managers
      • effective participators
    TOC – Techniques – How to use these techniques with young children
    • This session will focus on the practice of TOC Techniques, the Clouds, the Branches and the Ambitious Target tree with young children. All participants will actively participate in the use of the tools. The workshop will be followed by a reflection period to give participants the opportunity to identify the key characteristics of TOC’S Tools and how to implement them.
  • Creativity
    Creativity is a natural skill we all have that unfortunately to often gets suppressed by schools through a prescribed curriculum. It is a skill like many others, that needs training in order to improve performance. Having trained on Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking Class, we are able to offer practical and thought-provoking tools to ensure creativity in children and teachers. These will serve as useful tools for life.
    • Ed. De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats
      • In Education
      • In an organization
  • Strategic Thinking

    Six Thinking Hats – Parallel Thinking

    • Ed. De Bono’s Lateral Thinking
      • In Education
      • In an organization
  • Ethics and Values
    • Ethics and values in the Early Childhood Years
  • Flexpertise

    Flexpertise: a new word by Dr David Perkins from Harvard University

    • What it means and how to make it a reality in Early Childhood
  • Empathy
    • The concept of Empathy is inmersed in all the above topics
  • Global Mind Set
    • Is covered by all the above topics
  • Team Work
    • Colaborative work, conflict resolution and team work are inmersed in the Six Thinking Hats workshop

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