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We believe that children learn in all realms of development. In addition to our Thinking Based Curriculum, we offer students a wide variety of different activities to choose from.

Enrichment Classes: Some activities classes per week help children build confidence and maturity and allow them to further explore their interests in a particular area. 

Three enrichment classes per week are included in tuition from Infants through PK5 Classes.

  • Music and Movement - Violin Initiation
  • Physical Education
  • Yoga  

Extracurricular Activities: Because many parents like the convenience of having extracurricular activities during the school day, additional extracurricular activities are available and are paid separately from tuition.

You can choose from the extracurricular activities available at an additional charge:

  • Soccer - (ages 2 ½ through 5) Promotes physical strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, and balance. 
  • Karate - (ages 2.5 through 5) Develops self-control, concentration and focus. Teaches respect for self and others by focusing on problem-solving and decision-making abilities.
  • Tennis – (ages 3 through 5) Teaches the basic skills of tennis and enhances eye-hand coordination.
  • Kidstronic - (ages 2.5 through 3.5) Encourages kids on their interest for technology and potentially introduce them to their future career, all while having fun.
  • Robotics – (ages 3.5 through 5) Develops self-control, concentration, and focus. Teaches respect for self and others by focusing on problem-solving and decision-making abilities.
  • Dance – (ages 3 through 5) Dance includes ballet and other style movements, coordination and rhythm. Explores freedom of expression through dance and helps build coordination.
  • Yoga - Develops body awareness and how to use our bodies in a healthy way. Manages stress through breathing awareness and meditation. Develops Positive Self Image. 

*Minimum of five children to open the class.

Children will spend their time daily learning basic skills, social skills, self-expression and fine and gross motor skills. All of this will be integrated at a pace and level that corresponds to each child’s capacity and maturity. 

Parents Testimonials

  • Art Exhibition 2015

    Profes, Las felicito, han realizado un maravilloso trabajo, son valientes por querer enfrentar este reto que demanda la educación.
    Queridos niños, son afortunados por tener la oportunidad de vivir esta experiencia. TODOS son grandes artistas y pensadores. Me encantó lo que ví!!


  • Art Exhibition 2015

    It is a wonderful exhibition!! I loved to read children’s comments. My favorites: the pictures. Great resource to engage visual communication so pertinent for students of the third millenium.


  • Art Exhibition 2015

    Me pareció una forma muy significativa de documentar la experiencia que permite ver la manera como los niños hacen visible su pensamiento, les da la oportunidad de expresarse a través de arte. Asi mismo me parece muy interesante involucrar a toda la comunidad en este tipo de experiencias. La organización del evento me pareció excelente. Gracias

    Pilar Robles

  • Art Exhibition 2015

    Felicitaciones a todos estos pequeños grandes artistas que nos regalaron sus pensamientos de colores. Fue una maravillosa experiencia. Gracias!

    Colegio Gran Bretaña, Bogotá ,Colombia

  • Art Exhibition 2015

    Felicitaciones, sencillamente maravilloso, se nota la dedicación y provocación que que impregnan las maestras para poder planear semejante belleza.

    Ruth Margarita Malagón

  • Art Exhibition 2015

    It is a great way of documenting children’s work. Connecting disciplines allows children to express themselves in various aways. In my opinion, art is the best vehicle of expression. I would like to know the results of this research. Congratulations!


  • Art Exhibition 2015

    Felicitaciones!! Queridos niños y docentes, esta muestra es el reflejo de mucho trabajo, creatividad...Les dejo un cariño enrome. Sigan asi!!

    Sivia, Docente Nivel Juicial Argentina

  • Art Exhibition 2015

    The art gallery is beautiful and the childrens work was displayed with taste. I will donate the money to send the teachers on their seminar.

    Gia G.

  • Art Exhibition 2015

    Coming from out of town I have found that this school is so different than others. The variety of extracurricular activities is what sets PWA apart from the others. Also love parents night out. Keep up the good work.

    Julie Kham

  • Art Exhibition 2015

    This is such a wonderful experience for both the parents and our kids. They are so proud and excited to see their work on the walls. Thank you for giving the kids such a great opportunity!

    Holly Bachelos

  • Art Exhibition 2015

    Excelente experiencia de ver como se toman el tiempo para escoger y mostrar a los padres y la comunidad los excelentes trabajos de estos pequeños artistas; que serán nuestros futuros brillantes genios en artes y ciencis. Felicitaciones a todo el equipo, desde los chicos hasta los no tan chicos, profesores, directoras y demás.


  • Art Exhibition 2015

    I was delighted to see such beautiful artwork from all the different classes. I love the textures and colors displayed in the gallery. I was so proud of all their work.

    Kimberle Spence

  • Art Exhibition 2015

    Im very glad for my daughter to have learn so much at her preschool. I love how much she has learn at school. The teachers are great and I feel at home. Thank for all you do.

    Maritza Sandoval

  • Art Exhibition 2015

    I am so happy. So thrilled that this preschool has set up such an amazing art gallery for all parents! Edu1st Family, I am in love with all the artwork and amazed at what the children said about each of their art work. I am very happy to have chosen such a great school and very happy for my son whose learned so much in 2 years. Thank you all so much for everything, and of course for this opportunity

    Jazmin Camacho

  • Art Exhibition 2015

    I really enjoyed seeing all the beautiful artwork, it was really amazing to witness how little munds can express so much through their art. I am trully proud that Xavier´s was chosen. Love their learning enviroment.

    Kathy Allen Armads

  • Art Exhibition 2015

    Geat idea! I could not believe what children did and said, it is trully a miracle, of course, reinforced by the help of their organization and its teachers. Keep it up!

    Alama Faurela

  • Art Exhibition 2015

    Tremendous work with such tiny children. Teaching them so early to express themselves and enjoy the freedom of their unique selves

    Grace Bellingham

  • Art Exhibition 2015

    Felicitaciones. Excelente oportunidad para mostrar el arte de nuestros hijos. Me encanto la experiencia y Fabianna estaba muy contenta. Excelente la presentación de la clase de violín.

    Julietta Piarully y Mia

  • Art Exhibition 2015

    I really enjoy and I am very proud to see what my son is capable of doing. It is a great way to expand the children minds and abilities. I want to thank the school and specially Mrs. Ceci for encouraging these great activities. Now I can say that my son is an artist

    Anmory Petcorich

  • Art Exhibition 2015

    Dear staff, como siempre me han dejado sorprendida con su manera de expresar la enseñanza que le dan a nuestros hijos. Cada día que pasa mi hijo en el colegio me doy cuenta de la buena decisión que mi esposo y yo tomamos. Gracias nuevamente por el esfuerzo y la dedicación que comparten con nosotros

    La Familia Nucci

  • Art Exhibition 2015

    Felicitaciones por unir a las familias para apreciar el arte más genuino de nuestros niños. Ha sido un regalo para nuestros ojos. Con cariño,

    Norly Cabrera

  • Art Exhibition 2015

    Gabrielle truly enjoys his preschool. Thank you to Ms. Silvia who is dedicated and loving to all of her students. The art gallery is beautiful. What a wonderful experience for students, very rewarding.


  • Art Exhibition 2015

    Is incredible to know what my daughter thinks through her painting. It is a great way to express what they feel and that they are dreaming of. Thank you Mrs. Ceci for promoting these abilities to our children. We want to thank the school for there great events.

    Lucio Contento

  • Liliana
  • Angela Botero
  • Pilar Robles
  • Colegio Gran Bretaña
  • Ruth Margarita Malagón
  • Gloria Gordillo Martinez
  • Tassi Silvia
  • Gia G.
  • Julie
  • Holly
  • Anónimo
  • Kimberle
  • Maritza
  • Jazmin
  • Kathy
  • Alama
  • Grace
  • Julietta
  • Anmory
  • Nucci
  • Norly
  • Gabrielle
  • Lucio



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