VESS Educational Approach

The VESS Children are Citizens of the World

The VESS children are citizens of the world, individuals who, no matter how young, are encouraged through their environment, their mentors, and the opportunities presented to them, to add value to the community that surrounds them and learn about the world through those meaningful activities.

The VESS Children are collaborative and have their voices to be heard. They understand their power as an active member of society. They are active participants of their learning journey and understand that there is much to learn from others.

The VESS children have the tools and strategies that allow them to find their life’s

purpose as it applies today and throughout their lives in any situation they encounter.

The VESS Children understand that balance is key to happiness – Balance between the many aspects of life: Social, Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, and Spiritual.

The VESS Children are wise in how they add value to others, live their lives in a meaningful way, and strive to find balance in all their actions, leading them to live a happy and fulfilling life today and for their future self.

Meaningful Experiences build Knowledge

 We design learning experiences based on children’s interests and questions about the world. Every day, we provide novel, multi-sensory learning opportunities that engage children emotionally to want to know more.

Children are active participants in their learning process – that is, they are aware of the learning they are experiencing, they participate in the design of their learning experiences and they see themselves as valuable members of their learning process and that of others.

Our schools respond to the well-established premise that learning only happens when the experience is meaningful to the child, when the experience involves all of the senses (multi-sensory), when it engages them emotionally and when the child feels physically and emotionally safe.

Everything we do and design responds to this core belief.

Holistic Development for the Real World

We nurture the development of the whole child in a way that is relevant to the needs of that child in today’s ever-changing world: Critical thinking, innovation, grit, a scientific mindset, musical knowledge, art appreciation, bilingualism, and emotional intelligence are equally integrated through our VESS program to promote their development in children.

Every child is an active citizen, capable of great positive impact in his/her community, and an innate desire to add value to the world, no matter how young. The development of these skills in the early years allows children to add value to today’s world and in the future, no matter the changes that may come, leading them to live happy, balanced, and fulfilling lives.

Play is the Highest form of Research

Our VESS Thinking Strategies strategically turn play into discovery by taking advantage of fun and provocative multi-sensory experiences to engage children emotionally into asking questions, problem-solving, innovating, collaborating, and thinking deeply, leading them to develop important brain functions and habits.

Our educators are highly trained and experienced in utilizing these strategies through meaningful play. We go way beyond preparing children for elementary school.

Our goal is to nurture their innate love for discovery and to provide them with the tools to be autonomous learners now and for the rest of their lives.

A Collaborative Mindset is an Entrepreneurial Mindset

We promote a culture of collaboration and diversity at every level.

We encourage sharing of ideas and teamwork between children, teachers, families, and our international school network because working together multiplies everyone’s impact, increases innovation, learning and growth for everyone involved.

Building a collaborative mindset from the early years leads to an entrepreneurial mindset: one that innovates strategically and works collaboratively with others towards solving problems for society and for oneself.

VESS Educational Model